The founding of Levande Group Zrt. in July 2014 was aimed for the creation and distribution of innovative food-products that are attractive to the customers through their uniqueness in ingredients, taste and looks. We find it important for our food-stuff to be vastly used in the gastranomic world by influencing customers to be creative with use of our products. All of our products are made out of natural ingredients and are of premium quality. We also put high emphasis on their esthetics, making each one of them stand out. Getting feedback from our customers is very important to us, as we believe that the positive input and collaboration is one of the key pillars towards our progression for long term success. We are always looking for new and innovative solutions to add more experience and value to your ordinary weekdays to make them extraordinary.

5 years ago Levande Design Chocolate was born with a purpose to create chocolate that not only tastes good but also has a unique and beautiful design. These high quality-, handmade artesian chocolates are created purely out of natural ingredients. Next to the unique taste, we put big emphasis on esthetics, involving the chocolate itself and also the packaging. Wether it's for a birthday, a wedding or even a business conference, our chocolate designs can deliver the perfect message. We can personalize the chocolates with anything you can imagine and want for a special occasion or event.
After months of testing and tasting, starting January 2015, our exclusive catalog has got a new addition. We are proud to introduce our newest Zwack Unicum Plum product range. We have combined one of the most famous Hungaricum with 52% pure Belgian chocolate, creating a perfect harmony between chocolate, more than 40 different kinds of herbs and plums. Our company has sole rights to create and distribute this product range within Europe.
One of the newest inventions of molecular gastronomy is the fruit caviar. The molecular gastronomy is innovative, exciting and it's 100% purely based on natural ingredients. Our Caviar de Fruit products are made out of real fruit juice and can be used in various ways, you can add them to cocktails, coffees, desserts of all kind, soups and they can also be a great addition to hearty meals and salads.